Upcoming Exhibitions in The Refectory:



20th-26th October 5-7pm Daily

This exhibition will open for two hours each evening to witness the transformation of the artworks under the dimming light of dusk.

Nottingham City Artists at the Carnival of Monsters

Nottingham City Artists are pleased to announce that they will be represented in Chilwell as part of the Carnival of Monsters exhibition this October

Nottingham City Artists Group Show 2011

Here are some images from the recent Nottingham City Artists Group Show 2011 in the Refectory,
contributing artists: Pete Ellis, Raphael Daden, Joe Kelly, Nicholas Wright,
Frank Kent, Jeff Bowering, Anjum photography, Sarah Hemstock.

Raphael Daden

Pete Ellis

Joseph Kelly

Jeff Bowering

Frank Kent

Joseph Kelly

Nicholas Wright

Joseph Kelly