T.V. ruined my imagination! (2007)

Nicholas Wright


I am currently engaged in a long term project based on the media,
The work conveys my personal concern for the way the media around
us manipulates and controls the people. We do not need half of what we
are influenced to buy,for the benefit of the few. I am not anti capitalist simply anti greed.
My current practise is mostly based around the idea of taking a commercial medium
such as illustration and subverting and scaling it to a size so as to make it completely
useless for its original purpose. Taking the control back to the creator and all the while
poking fun at television and the media obsessed world we live in.


The Garden of Modern delights exhibition view.

The broadcast media obsessed world in which we live, provides me with my subject matter. I am currently investigating how we, as consumers, are cajoled and encouraged to buy things we really don’t need. However, it is suggested that we cannot survive without these products and services. We are manipulated and influenced to make choices that ordinarily we would consider ridiculous. My work is a vehicle of my concern for the power and lack of regulation that the multi-national companies show for us as citizens. Promotion campaigns, sales initiatives, the ‘must-haves’ and the B.O.G.O.F.’s  are, at best, vestiges of an unscrupulous and capitalist global economy that will stop at nothing to sell us something. All neatly packaged and clinically delivered into our living rooms, our mutual consciousness, via the trusty television set.

mindfill (3)

Mindfill m.d.f and enamel.

Images from exhibtion at MiltonKeynes as part of mk fringe exhibition title Phoresis (indicating a transmission)

Video from Global Village group show in Alkamar Holland

The milton Keynes fringe art fair 2010

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