Lightwaves (2006)

Raphael Daden

Raphael Daden is a Nottingham/UK based sculptor working mainly with light. His first commission was a series of large illuminated ‘Cones’ on West Street, Brighton, using translucent polyester resin, light and steel. Subsequent commissions have included: Swinegate Under Bridge Lighting Project (Leeds City Centre), commissioned by Public Arts Wakefield; ‘A Million Years Under The Sea.  Raphael’s work has also been shown at a number of venues as part of his work as the founder of ‘Lightsource’, which ran the touring ‘Spectrum Exhibition of Light’.

His long list of exhibitions includes ‘Landmarks’, at Crescent Arts in Scarborough; ‘Sea’ at Wolverhampton Art Gallery; ‘Art from the Studio’ at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery; and ‘Drawing With Light’ at Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford. After graduating from Loughborough College of Art and Design in 1997.

Raphael began combining different materials with light. He started working in resins while casting parts of the landscape for his solo exhibition, ‘Landmarks,’ based on the geological make up of the earth and natural patterns of layered strata formed over time. Using resin and light to bring the landscape into the gallery space, Raphael created abstract sculptural forms, which reflected the essence of the natural environment.

r.daden 08

r.daden 01

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