Nottingham City Artists Group Show 2011

5th-11th August

 Joseph Kelly, Frank Kent, Nicholas Wright, Sarah Hemstock, Pete Ellis, Raphael Daden, Jeff Bowering, Alex Gilham, Anjum

The Nottingham City Artists group show has arrived! showing a cross section of the artwork that is being created within the studios. This will be an exhibition of works by artists who explore different themes and practises, and who are all part of the community within this old factory building.

Nicholas Wright

Erase & Rewind                      

10th – 21st  July

Henry Tietzsch-Tyler,  Dale Holmes,  Derek Sprawson,  Finbar Prior

Erase & Rewind will be a two week event that takes a dynamic approach to the exhibition space, using The Refectory as an interactive environment; reconfiguring, altering and evolving throughout the duration of the show.

Derek Sprawson

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Re: Painting

Beth Shapeero, Jonathan Kipps, Susan Hendry, Frank Kent, Leila Al-Yousuf

12th – 14th May

This exhibition brings together works by 5 artists who respond to the languages, conventions or materials of painting and reformulate these ideals to explore the space between painting and sculpture.

Re: Painting

Shows at the Refectory Gallery during Sideshow 2010

25thOctober – 31st October

The first international Wrong Pong championships!

The challenge is simple win a game of table tennis on one of our fiendishly designed Wrong Pong tables.

After the Fall

Nicholas Wright, Joseph Kelly and James Michie

4st Nov – 6th Nov 2010

New drawings paintings and sculptures based on post and pre apocalyptic themes drawing on influences from the British art show 2010

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Raphael Daden

Light installations

8th Nov – 14th Nov 2010

Raphael Daden will create a variety of light installations using LEDs and other light forms, text and mirrors, and vibrant colour contrasts to create illusory landscapes, architectural light structures and visual textures.

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Alex Gilham

15th Nov – 21st Nov

Alex Gilham exploring Cymatics (seeing sound) in association with projected imagery.

The exhibition has an interactive element so be prepared to get involved.’

Jeff Bowering

22nd Nov -28th Nov

Jeff Bowering will be producing a new body of work on the theme of Challenge and Change.

Alex Rubes


6th Dec– 12th Dec

Alex Rubes will be creating his first live anamorphic pavement art, he will be displaying new works from a month long residency in Milton Keynes, Westbury farm.

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